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Things that have happened!

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Mar. 31st, 2008 | 07:36 am
mood: happyhappy

Okay, so I've been reeeeally busy as of late, so this is my quick recount of things that have been happening:

Started working on a new business venture with my good friend Wes. We had some brainstorming, he's got a good idea of what he wants to do with it, I'm inputting where I can, and looking forward to starting work on it!

I turned 24!

My monitor of 10 years finally died, and I was forced to replace it with a sexy new flatscreen, which my brother was kind enough to buy me for my birthday.

My (newish)car, needed work done on it. Replaced the front brakes and rotors, fixed a leak or two, but it is still idling too high!

My WoW guild finally downed Gruul! We finally have a consistant dedicated group of 25 that helped make this possible. It was an exciting night for us all.

I have been seeing a very lovely gal named Laura for the last few weeks, and well...things are going VERY well. We actually went to high school together and graduated the same year, but never hung out or anything like that. We met through a mutual friend, spent a few months chatting off and on through facebook, and developed a fondness for each other. She's smart, witty, sarcastic, cheeky, gorgeous and just plain wonderful. I made her dinner last night, think I scored some brownie points for the awesomeness that is my cooking. *flex*

And to top it all off I've had a lot of work recently which has helped the old wallet out, which is never a bad thing.

I failed the Gruedorf competition, 3 weeks now I think I've gone....hopefully gonna jump back in soon.


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