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W (Double you!)

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Feb. 12th, 2008 | 01:33 am

Today I wanted to write about a certain J-Pop Duo that I have recently fallen in love with. They are known as "W". Some times written as "Double You" and, -_-, "Double U".

It's not a big secret that I am a fan of a lot of anime/j-pop music, because they can be just so damn catchy. But very rarely do I actually find a person/group that I seek more info on, and come back with even more goodies.

So this is one of their love ballad's, which as I understand is actually a cover. Let's put aside the fact that they're both freakin' adorable, they have amazing voices as well, and their harmonies are also quite delicious.

What's even more interesting about them is that I kinda found them too late, as they are no longer together because of a scandal involving the one on the left.

What I find interesting about this is that she was caught smoking at the age of 19 (the legal age to smoke in Japan is appearntly 21) so some tabloid over their known as "Friday" caught her and threatened to post pictures of her smoking. "Friday" is appearntly known for ruining the careers of Japanese Idol's, and even have the term "Friday'd" associated with them.

So, she was caught smoking under age, big deal right? Look at our popstars over here. Smoking, drinking excessivly, making complete asses of themselves. Well, appearntly over their, they don't take that crap lightly. The talent agency she had been apart of actually suspended her for a year. Then, slowly were allowing her to come back by letting her doing receptionist work in their main office in Tokyo. As they were getting ready for her come back with "W", she was caught smoking again, and was found to be romantically linked with a man 15 years her senior.

They fired her, for this, and the duo is no more.

That's a basic summary of what happened from what I've read, I'm no expert on the subject, so I'm sure there's points I'm missing.

It's a really neat look at how different things are when comparing west to east.

Anywho, it's sad to see something as good as this be torn apart because of "scandal", but they're good, and I recommend them to any j-pop fan out there.

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