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New Car

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Jan. 30th, 2008 | 01:00 am
music: W - Matsuwa

I got myself a new car this week. It's quite sexy, and in really great condition. What happened to my old car? Well, appearntly while my sister was driving it, she was pulled over by a friendly enforcer of the law, telling her it looked like the right tire was about to fall off and to park it immediately.

So after hearing this news, we got it checked out, and sure enough something was wrong with the thingy the tire connects to (I don't know these things!). At any rate, what I did find out is that it would have been more expensive to get it fixed than buy something else that was in better condition. Furthermore, it's pretty well known that my sister used to take advantage of me when it came to that car, in letting her use it basically whenever she wanted. It was always a mess, and basically was driven into the ground as far as I'm concerned. Between myself, her and my Mom taking it once in awhile, it just never really got a rest. So, I saw this new car as an opportunity to lay down some new rules and so far, it's been extremely clean and I haven't lent it out at all. Hurray!

I was gonna take pictures but I keep forgetting...maybe tomorrow. It's a blue 1993 Ford Tempo, and as I said, in extremely awesome shape as it's a refit car. Meaning it was in an accident, they fixed stuff on it, and it sold for a lot cheaper. I bought it from a car auction, which was quite exciting, as I've never been to one! There were a couple there that I was considering bidding on, but the one I have was my first choice, which is good because one of the cars that I felt was a worse car, went for $400 more than what I was willing to spend. I was actually quite surprised that I got this car for the amount I did.

The auction was interesting. There were lots of cars, and well I couldn't understand a damn word the auctioneer said. After I bidded on my car, I thought I was outbid on it because I didn't really understand what was going on. :P Luckily, Bob, my Mom's long time boyfriend was with me, and quite a veteran at the car auction, he let me know that I had won cause I probably would have gone home without it in disappointment. :P

There's really only a few things that I'd like to do with it. It needs an oil change, but that's cheap, new brakes would be good, those aren't too expensive, and it definately needs new windshield wipers, but again, those are cheap.

Gruedorf update a little later on today.

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