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Gruedorf and my site

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Jan. 15th, 2008 | 12:35 am

So, I don't have good enough credit to have a *real* credit card, so the one I pay with is one of those ones you load up with a set amount of money. Well, turns out I forgot to do that this month, and well, my account has been suspended. :P

In addition, my car is currently motionless until probably Thursday when a part I ordered comes in and is installed by someone far better than me at those sorts of things. This means I'm stuck in Crofton for a few days, and unable to load up said credit card, from the institution I got it from. (Which is the only way I can do it).

That being said, my site will probably not be up in time for my weekly Gruedorf update, therefore I'll have to use this page to update. And since both the Grue and the Dorf are LJ friends o' mine, I figure they'll both see it, and I still won't lose :D

So yeah, kinda feel stupid, but this month has been a little hectic and these things are easy to forget.

Anyway, I'll update again with some more crappy attempts at original tile artwork and possibly a song. :)

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